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Kolhapur City Retail Shops
All the national & international brands like Adidas, Reebok, Onida, Rayban, Samsung, L.G. Videocon,  Whirlpool, Dish TV, Godrej, Levis, Dare, Peppe Jeans, Peter England shirts have exclusive showroom. At city of  Kolhapur a few shopping malls like Big Bazar, D-Mart, Lucky Bazar, Star Bazar also helps to shopping lovers. Kolhapuri Chapal [Chapal Lane] and Silver ornaments [Gujari] are the must buy for the visitors. Kolhapur retail market is also famous for 1 gm Gold Jewelry.

About Kolhapur City & Retail Market
Kolhapur is a historic city which was known as South Kashi in ancient times. On the map of India Pilgrimage city occupy significant place for being abode of Goddess Mahalaxmi. Kolhapur city is also the administrative place of the district. Located on national highway [NH4] connecting Pune with Bangalore city have any tourist attractions and potential to become tourist city. visit www.amarbharat.com  to read more about Kolhapur Tour, tourist spots in and around the Kolhapur city & Goddess Mahalaxmi .
Kolhapur is part of famous sugar belt area of Maharashtra state and always being front leader on per capita income have many industrial units agricultural and non agricultural at two MIDC areas at Shiroli MIDC and Gokul shirgaon. In city itself there is an area Shivaji Udayamnagar dedicated to small scale industries. In the recent times Kolhapur city is shaping as budding IT hub of the state. In this Business Directory of Gandhinagar Kolhapur we are including details for the retail market of the city. We wish to make it clear for the users of the site that all the free listing here are only for drawing references inclusion of any name in any list is not indicative of endorsed by us, and we can't be held liable in any matter. We had classified the Kolhapur retail market in various categories for which links are given in the side panel. This is visitor responsive for the retailers, shopping mall administrative and show room owners , if you find your commercial establishment is missing from the list just click here to add your details.

Kolhapur Shopping Guide
For the tourists from all parts of country and all over the world, Kolhapur city is famous for the typical unique "Kolhapuri Chapals" leather foot wears. Artistically designed silver & gold ornaments "Kolhapuri Saj" are the another tour souvenir purchased by most tourists. Chemical free Gud (Jugery) is also identification for the Kolhapur. Clay and silver idols of Shree Ganesha (which are also exported to many over sea countries) and other Gods and Goddess are also finding place in the shopping bags of tourist.
Chapal Bazar near the corporation building is most suitable place for buying leather foot wears, Gujari just close to famous Mahalaxmi Temple is most appropriate place for shopping of silver jewelry.

Popular & Famous Tourist Attractions of Kolhapur
Bhavani Mandap
Chh. Shahu Museum
Khasbagh Maidan
Mahalaxmi Temple
Rankala Talav
Temblai Hills
Binkhambhi Ganesh Mandir
Keshavrao Bhosale Natyagiraha
Mahadwar Road
New Palace
Shivaji University
Town Hall

For more details please visit www.kolhapurworld.com

Not to miss on Kolhapur Tour
This is obvious fact that no visitors miss any of tourist attraction while on the tour but when you are on the Kolhapur tour do remember to taste typical Kolhapur recipes like Jhunka Bhakhar, Misal Pav, Kurma Puri along with quite highly spicy Kolhapuri Chatani. If you are non vegetarian this is certain that Pandhara Rassa, Tambada Rassa, Kolhapuri Suka Mutton, Mutton Masala, Mutton Lonche (Pickels) will prove real feast of Kolhapur tour.